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Terms & Conditions

Easy Tours of Asia, Inc. follows the requirements laid down by the State of California, as it has the most comprehensive regulations governing sellers of travel and more laws to protect consumers and promote integrity in the travel industry than any other state.

Easy Tours of Asia has a segregated, federally insured, Travel Trust Account with Citibank. All guest payments go directly to this account. From there, payments are disbursed to the vendors providing different services during your visit. We use your payments only to obtain tickets and services for which you have contracted. We don't take the funds (after paying for all the services provided to you) that cover our organizational costs, the money we donate, and our profits, out of the account until after you have finished your tour with us.

Travel Insurance: We can offer you a variety of coverage options through Access America, the world’s largest travel insurer, and then guide you in selecting the policy that is best for you. Bear in mind that cancellation of a tour requires a large amount of documentation that covers each hotel, flight, and ground service segment of your tour. If you purchase insurance through us, we provide all this documentation directly to Access America, thereby saving you a great deal of time and effort.

Privacy Policy: Easy Tours of Asia will not share your personal information with any outside person or agency, except for the purpose of: (1) Making various reservations for your visit to India. (2) Processing your payments through our banks and credit card transaction institutions. (all located in the United States) (3) Obtaining visas for entry into a nation. From time to time, we may send you information on our specials. You will always have the option to opt out whenever you choose.

Unlike some tour operators, tour costs include accommodations and all taxes and surcharges on them, breakfast at your hotel, tours of all the sights and monuments as per your itinerary, a bottle of water per day per person, as well as the best English speaking guides and visit facilitators during your visit. All tours include entrance fees to all of the monuments on your itinerary. Additional visits and/or cameras (including video and movie cameras) will sometimes have additional charges that guests are responsible for.

Quoted tour costs do not include (before and after your tour) hotel stay at, or fares to and from, your city of origin in Asia. Those costs can be quoted on request by choosing them in your tour Reservation Inquiry Form. Except for specified meals and snacks between destinations, most meals are not included in tour costs. Excess baggage charges are not included. Gratuities to guides, airline staff, transportation providers, or hotels and restaurants (none of which are required if the availed services are part of the tour) are not included. The cost of personal items such as laundry and dry cleaning, drinks, and incidentals are not included. Cost of Visas and Passports is not included.

Once your reservation is confirmed and you have paid for your visit in full, we will not make any changes to the costs of your visit. If your trip is not paid for in full, we may revise the quoted prices only if there is a significant increase in transportation costs within Asia. Such a change will not impact your tour costs by more than 10% of the total quoted initially. If that isn't acceptable, Easy Tours of Asia will promptly process a refund of all amounts you have paid to us. Our liability in such a case, as in all other instances of cancellation or change in the itinerary of a tour, is limited to a refund of only the amounts you have paid to us.

There is a visa required to enter the nation(s) you are visiting. We can assist you in obtaining the necessary visas once your tour is finalized. Fees for obtaining visas are not included in your tour pricing. 

All services and accommodations are subject to the laws, customs and regulations of the governments of the nations you are visiting and the relevant local governments in the areas where these services are rendered.

By accepting the Confirmation of Availability package, you are accepting the responsibility of making sure that that you and all other members of your tour/visit group are solely responsible for ensuring that you/they are healthy enough to participate in the tour/visit. You also acknowledge that you are aware that the infrastructure and other conditions in Asia are generally not as advanced as the United States and that you are consciously accepting any and all risks associated with traveling in Asia. For example, most passenger cars don't have rear seat area seat belts, and some don't have any. Facilities for the handicapped are almost non-existent, except for in a very few select areas.

Airline Tickets to & from Asia - Easy Tours of Asia only serves as a resource for information in this respect. When you mark the travel to and from Asia checkbox (and we connect you with an agency specializing in travel to Asia), ask to arrive at least a day before your tour begins, and leave at least a day after the tour ends. This protects you in case of flight delays and cancellations and also allows you to spend additional time in the departure city, giving you a chance absorb and savor the local culture and other attractions without the constrains of fixed itinerary. By selecting the hotel stay before and after tour option, we can get you discounted rates for those periods on your choice of accommodation. It is the guest's responsibility to confirm, pay for, and process all transactions concerning travel to and from Asia. The contract for this travel exists solely between the traveler and the ticketing agencies, the airlines, and their representatives. No changes, cancellations, refunds, and/or any other requests, can, or will be processed by Easy Tours of Asia. Neither Easy Tours of Asia, nor any of its affiliates, are party to, or responsible for, any and all events or circumstances relating to this travel.

Availability: Easy Tours of Asia receives requests for tour reservations from many time zones and parts of the world. To preserve the quality of our tours and the level of service provided, we limit the number of guests per tour to what the available facilities can easily withstand. We do not ask for any payment until your acceptance of our "Confirmation of Availability Package" (C.O.A.P.). If we are unable to satisfy you on the dates you've requested, we'll offer you alternate dates.

Hotels, flights, and trains can get over-booked or fail to provide contracted services for other reasons. Easy Tours of Asia reserves the right to substitute equivalent grades of accommodations and switch travel itineraries around to respond to these situations

Delays: Tours begin and end on the days specified. Airline & hotel reservations are made well in advance by Easy Tours of Asia. Please make sure that you make room for delays, both at the START, and the END of your tour, or you could miss part or all of your tour (depending on how tardy you are). Any guest that is not at their chosen starting point (hotel or similar location) at the scheduled time is considered a "no show"*.

International flights can be delayed by a day or more and local flights and other transportation by almost as much. We suggest you time your arrival in Asia for at least a couple of days before your tour begins. If the arrival was punctual, this will leave time for you to explore your arrival city. A day or two at the end of your visit will allow you to finish all of your shopping & local sightseeing.

Easy Tours of Asia will do it's best to keep to the itinerary you choose. If circumstances beyond our control force us to deviate from the original plans, we will provide you with a choice between comparable values and a refund of the relevant fees.

Payments: ALL PAYMENTS, DEPOSITS & OTHER MONETARY SUMS ARE QUOTED PER PERSON IN ALL STATEMENTS THAT FOLLOW. We require a payment of $500.00 per guest (per small group tour) as an initial deposit (certain tours and dates can require larger deposits, custom itineraries will require deposits of $1000.00 or more, depending on a variety of reasons). We require only this initial deposit at the moment you accept the itinerary of your web based "Confirmation of Availability Package" and ask us to reserve it for you. We accept the initial deposit by credit card, certified check, or bank transfer only. We prefer checks and bank transfers for the balance. Travel supplements for travel within Asia are usually due within two to four weeks of the initial deposit.

50% of the cost of your tour (after subtracting your initial deposit) is required at least 90 days prior to the start of your tour, or if between 60 and 90 days remain, at the time of approval of your "Confirmation of Availability Package". The other 50% is due at least sixty days prior to the start of your tour. Reservations made with less than 60 days remaining will require immediate payment of all dues.

For reservations that include a hotel stay during the period between Dec 20th and Jan 3rd, 100% of the cost of your tour is due 95 days before your tour begins.

Prices: All rates quoted are per person, based on double occupancy, and in US dollars. If not listed, single supplements are available upon request in the 'Comments" section in each 'Reservation Inquiry Form'. All prices, except for when a deposit has been accepted by Easy Tours of Asia, Inc., on a C.O.A.P. submitted to the guest, are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Easy Tours of Asia, Inc.

Non-Refundable charges: $150.00 of the initial deposit is non-refundable regardless of when you choose to cancel, and may not be applied towards changes in your itinerary. It goes to pay our initial costs, such as mailing costs, costs associated with making your initial reservation, and associated administrative costs. Airline ticket (purchased by Easy Tours of Asia, for travel within Southeast Asia) cancellations will incur charges as levied by the airline. Restricted fares will have higher costs while unrestricted fares have a token charge of $10 to $20 per segment.

If you are reserving flights to and from Asia as part of your tour, all charges for this service are due to the travel agency you've chosen at whatever time was agreed between you and them.

Cancellations are processed as detailed below. If Easy Tours of Asia does not receive, or is unable to process any of your payments within as per the schedule outlined above, we will cancel your reservation and process a refund of your total payments, after adjusting for the agreed upon Cancellation Costs. We use secure servers to process your electronic payments.

Cancellations - A request for cancellation will only be considered valid if it is processed by either of the following two means-

(a) Received by our web site (easytoursofasia.com), submitted on the appropriate form (link provided as part of the C.O.A.P. at the time of initial confirmation of your order).

(b) by registered mail or delivery service (with proof of in-person delivery) at our US mailing address - Easy Tours of Asia, 405 Brushy Creek Rd, Cedar Park, TX 78613.

Within 2 business days of receiving your request for cancellation request, Easy Tours will send you a link to your Cancellation Agreement which details the exact amount refundable to you, if any, as per your original contract (COAP). Once we receive your acceptance of this agreement, Easy Tours will process your refund promptly as described in the Refund section below.

Discount airfares to & from Asia are usually not cancelable. If you asked Easy Tours of Asia to refer you to a travel agency/airline, we cannot refund any charges you paid for the airline tickets or any other fees tendered to them. For the payments made to Easy Tours of Asia, and only for those payments, the following cancellation terms and charges apply:

Cancellation Costs: (a) Cancellations received by us at least ninety five days (but after 120 days) before your tour originates, are charged the higher amount (per person) out of US $250.00, or 5% of the total cost of your visit. Airline ticket (purchased by Easy Tours of Asia, for travel within Southeast Asia) cancellations will incur charges as levied by the airline. Restricted fares will have higher costs while unrestricted fares have a token charge of $10 to $20 per segment.

(b) Cancellations received by us between ninety five days and Sixty days remaining until your visit begins are charged the higher amount (per person) out of US $500.00, or 15% of the total cost of your visit. For reservations that include a hotel during the period between Dec 20th and Jan 3rd, 75% of your total costs are charged upon cancellation.

(c) Cancellations received between sixty days and thirty five days remaining till your visit begins, are charged the higher amount (per person) of US $1000, or 35% of the total cost of your visit. Reservations that include a hotel stay during the period between Dec 20th and Jan 3rd, 90% of your total costs are charged upon cancellation.

(d) Cancellations received between thirty five days and seven days remaining till your visit begins, are charged the higher amount (per person) of $1500.00, or 75% of the total cost of your visit. Reservations that include a hotel stay during the period between Dec 20th and Jan 3rd, 100% of your total costs are charged upon cancellation.

(e) If less than 7 days remain, a cancellation is considered a "no show"* and does not qualify for a refund except at the sole discretion of Easy Tours of Asia.

Changes - Changes to your tour package after your acceptance of the "Confirmation of Availability Package" are done at the sole discretion of Easy Tours of Asia. You can request them by mail or by accessing our Alter Plans Form. If we are unable to make your desired changes, we'll offer you the option for a refund as defined in our "Cancellation" section.

Very infrequently, small changes may be made to your travel arrangements which we reserve the right to do so at any time, and we will advise you at the earliest possible date. These changes may be the result of Force Majeure or other similar reasons that are beyond our control, such as weather conditions, delays in departures, strikes or riots, over bookings or closure of a hotel, decisions taken by Tourist Organizations and/or State Governments, etc. This may result in an alteration of the itinerary, omission of a destination, or changing the time spent in a particular destination. If it is possible we will provide you with alternative arrangements, and if not, give you a refund as per our policies defined in the "refund section".

Refunds: - All payments for transportation, or travel service, not provided to the passenger shall be promptly refunded, in accordance with the agreed-to terms and conditions, unless the passenger otherwise instructs the Easy Tours of Asia in writing.

California law requires certain sellers of travel to have a trust account or bond. We have a trust account with Citibank. All guest payments go directly to this account. From there, payments are disbursed to the vendors providing different services during your upcoming visit.

If you cancel your tour, or do not make payments as per the agreed upon schedule, Easy Tours of Asia shall process your refund (after deducting the agreed upon cancellation costs) in less than thirty days from the earliest of the following dates:

(1) The scheduled date of departure.

(2) The day the passenger requests a refund.

(3) The day of cancellation by Easy Tours of Asia.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to provide the tour package, we will process the refund of all your payments within three days from the day that we become aware of this inability.

In the event of cancellation due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond Easy Tours of Asia's control (such as a natural disaster), Easy Tours of Asia will refund all your money, less any Non-Refundable Charges, within 30 days of cancellation, after adjusting for any unrecoverable payments already tendered to our suppliers, as stated in the State Of California mandated disclosure in the following paragraph.

Release of liability - Besides looking after your comfort and enjoyment, we do our best to ensure that you travel, explore, and reside in a safe and risk free environment. However, Easy Tours of Asia is not responsible, in any sense of the term, for the safety, health, and/or condition, of any guests person, their wards, or their property. Your acceptance of our "Confirmation of Availability Package" is also your legal, binding, & unconditional acceptance of the preceding statement.

You, and each party traveling in your tour expressly acknowledge that you are cognizant of all risks of travel and arrangements for trips of this nature and fully disclaim, waive and discharge Easy Tour of Asia, Inc. (including its shareholders, management, directors, and employees) from any and all liability, claims. damages, loss, or responsibilities (including damage to or loss of your property, or your injury or death) with regard to the proposed tour and/or visit, and arrangements made with respect thereto, even if caused by the negligence of any airlines, transportation companies, hotels, restaurants, or any other party providing services or accommodations included in the tour/visit.

Easy Tours of Asia will similarly not be liable for any claims, losses, damages for delayed or lost baggage or other property, or any loss of intangibles such as pleasure, or feelings of disappointment, distress, or frustration, whether mental or physical, which may have resulted from any act or omission of any other party providing services to you during your tour/visit.
 About shopping in Asia -

Asia offers remarkable values on a large variety of hand crafted items, ranging from exquisite jewelry to fine apparel woven from the highest quality fabrics; from beautiful carpets to inlayed treasures in marble, wood, and various other materials; as well as a multitude of other unique and high quality products.

Along with innumerable choices on where to shop, you will be offered a plethora of unsolicited advice about how to shop and how to avoid commissions. Easy Tours of Asia encourages you to use your best judgment on how and where you shop, but we would like to offer you some basic information.

You are usually best of letting someone make a small commission, especially if you are shopping for items other than casual and inexpensive souvenirs. If you arrive unescorted and without a referral, almost all stores will quote you absurdly high pricing (many items are not visibly marked with the price). You will then go through a negotiating process that would put used car dealers in the United States to shame.

The Luxury hotels will tell you not to follow your guide’s or escorts recommendations and cite the fact that they get commissions from the stores. They will not mention (and may even deny) the fact that the hoteliers themselves get the largest financial kickbacks from the stores that they recommend, and the prices you will pay at their recommended or in-house stores are usually among the highest you will find. This may be in the form of contracted commission structures, expensive gifts to their management/owners, or in the shape of the exorbitant lease charges the store owners pay to exhibit their wares in the hotels in-house stores. It is usually a combination of the above.

Easy Tours has established a relationship with a couple of large and reputable stores in most cities on your itinerary. These stores have committed to us that will offer a quality product and a low-pressure environment. They have also agreed to do their best to ensure guest satisfaction by offering reasonable pricing (albeit with some room for negotiation) and secure, timely shipping if the guest requires those services. They also will offer refund and exchange options, but bear in mind that itinerary logistics dictate that these options are usually constrained to the short period that you will spend at that particular destination.

Your guides, escorts, or drivers are often paid commissions by these stores, and this will usually provide you with a less stressful shopping environment. In the majority of instances, the final price that you end up with will be better then what you would have negotiated if you had gone through the process by yourself.

Easy Tours of Asia will perform no functions, or accept any responsibility for, purchases made at any store not on our recommended list. In case of a disagreement between one of our clients and one of our recommended stores, we will do our best to ensure a timely and equitable resolution.

These efforts do not obligate us to offer any compensation for a real or perceived loss (of any kind) that a guest may experience in their dealings with our recommended stores. We also do not expressly warranty the products or services of our recommended stores. However, our past experience with them tells us that they offer you the safest option of acquiring a quality product.

Financial Liability: Easy Tours of Asia Inc.'s liability in any and all cases will be limited to a refund of the payments made directly by you to us, subject to our cancellation and refund policies. Your acceptance of our "Confirmation of Availability Package" is also your legal, binding, and unconditional acceptance of the preceding statement.

Site Content: The descriptions and views expressed on this web site are based on the knowledge and opinions of the principals of Easy Tours of Asia. There is no guarantee of accuracy, implied or otherwise, in these descriptions and views.

* No Show's, as defined above, do not qualify for any refunds, for any part of their tour, except at the sole discretion of Easy Tours of Asia.



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