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Easy Tours of Nepal
Easy Tours of Nepal
Easy Tours of Nepal
Easy Tours of Nepal
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Nepal is a land of startling contrasts. Parts of the small nation are barely above sea level, yet the land rises quickly to the awe-inspiring heights of the mighty Himalayan range, culminating in Mount Everest.

Kathmandu is an ancient capital now transformed into an over-crowded metropolis, where the pace of life moves a lot quicker than the rest of the nation. Yet older parts of the city still retain their original charm and the majority of Nepal’s monuments are in the Kathmandu Valley.

Bustling bazaars co-exist peacefully with Living Temples that continue to attract uncountable Hindu & Buddhist pilgrims, just like they have for over 2500 years. Very different from this is the breathtaking pastoral beauty of the rural parts of Nepal, as evidenced by the fairytale charms of towns like Pokhara.

While you're with Easy Tours, you'll have the best opportunities to experience Nepal's amazing diversities in people, architecture, geography, and cultural heritage. We offer you options between exploring all aspects of this Himalayan nation, and being selective in what you choose to experience. Our local expertise is matched only by the extreme level of personalized service we provide for visitors to Nepal.

World Heritage sights include the Kathmandu Valley, the small town of Lumbini (birthplace of Lord Buddha) & two of Asia’s best Wildlife Parks, Royal Chitwan National Park & Sagarmatha National Park.

With a population exceeding 25 million, this ancient land offers a unique combination of Hinduism & Buddhism that manifests itself in many ways, chief among which are the amazing religious monuments of Nepal.






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